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Dear Mr. President

Latinos voted in greater numbers than ever before, deciding the outcome of this year’s presidential election. But now that we’ve got all this political clout, what are we going to do with it? An open letter to our president-elect from the Latino voters who elected him, together with a warning: “We’ll be watching.”
By Ruben Navarrette, Jr.




Opening Doors

Whatever happened to Henry Cisneros? Our exclusive interview finds him thriving in San Antonio. More influential than ever, he’s passionately committed to providing affordable housing for all Americans and still won’t watch CNN.
By Elaine Ayala





Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez enjoys being the thorn in America’s side. To some he’s a clown, while to others he’s a monster. Just how dangerous is he? And how should the new administration counter his growing influence in Latin America?
By Ana Radelat




More Than Giving
and Getting

Today, philanthropy involves much more than merely signing a check. Savvy corporate donors play an active role in how the money is spent, creating new challenges for Latino nonprofits. Also, a look at Latino generosity.
By Katharine Diaz




Making an Impact

Cristina López takes charge of the
National Hispana Leadership Institute
and steers it in a new direction. As the
influence of its members grows, so does
the impact of this fast-growing organization
for women.
By Patricia Guadalupe