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In corporate America, who talks
the talk and walks the walk?
Find out in our annual listing of the top 100 companies providing the most opportunities for Latinos in the
areas of education, hiring,
philanthropy and others.

By Eric Garcia






Hollywood Power Shift

It’s taken some time, but Latinos have finally made it in Hollywood. From directors like Alfonso Cuaron and Robert Rodriguez, to actors like Demian Bichir and Sofia Vergara, there’s a power shift underway.
By Bel Hernandez Castillo





Fighting on the Front Lines

A few years ago, no one knew
who the Dreamers were, but now
they’re making waves as well as headlines. Who are these passionate young
political activists, and what are they
hoping to achieve?
By Evelyn Castillo





A Tale of Two Cities

Two Latino civil rights organizations,
Latino Justice PRLDEF and MALDEF,
based in New York and Los Angeles, respectively, couldn’t be more different.
Yet they’re trying to achieve
the same thing.
By Christy McBrayer




Paying for the Digital Divide

The thorny legal issue of net
neutrality is complicated and obscure.
Yet it could change the way we access
the internet and broaden the digital
divide for Latinos.
By Evelyn Castillo





For Latinos, the roll-out of Obamacare
was a disaster, from Spanglish websites
to a lack of outreach.
And worst of all, no one knows just
how many of us have signed up.
By Alicia Santistevan





Changing Hearts and Minds

Ingrid Durán and Catherine Pino
celebrate a ten year partnership
in business and life. But it began
with leap of faith.?
By Patricia Guadalupe