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The Devil They Know


Albert Einstein defined idiocy as doing the same thing again and again, and expecting a different result. And yet, when it comes to improving their standing with Latino voters---and let’s face it, when you’re at the bottom of a well, the only place you can go is up--- Republicans want to...Read More


What Does Sofia Vergara Want?


Sofia Vergara is the $27 million dollar woman. In July 2012, she was declared the “Highest Paid Actress in Television” by Forbes, topping the list with earnings of $19 million from May 2011 to May 2012. In addition, there are lucrative endorsement deals and income... Read More


No Excuses, No Progress


Images depicting the violence on the U.S.-Mexico border seem to be on either end of two extremes. The violence is represented through documentary style photographs or films, leaving nothing to the imagination---so horrific that the average human cannot stand to look at it. In Mexican tabloids, the blood, torture...Read More


Vino Latino


Juan and Marta Nevarez had a dream, and it brought them to Paso Robles, the wine capital of the Central Coast of California. Paso Robles is located in San Luis Obispo County, which has been called the last of the old Spanish counties in California. The only Hispanic governor...Read More


The Philadelphia Story


Every action or event produces a response. On November 25, 1979, Eulalio José Negrín was walking towards his car in Jersey City accompanied by his 13-year old son Richard, when their early morning stroll was interrupted by gunshots. The execution of Eulalio... Read More


Defining Diversity

Elizabeth Nieto set the tone in her opening remarks at a
Latino Issues Forum held at the Harvard Club of New York City.
The recently named Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at
MetLife noted that certain structural barriers to diversity persisted in corporate America...Read More


2013 AHORA Student Days

LATINO Magazine recently presented AHORA Student Days in Detroit, El Paso and Houston. These events brought together local high school students to meet outstanding role models from corporate America, the Federal government, U.S. Armed Forces and other careers. Each AHORA Student Day consisted of an interactive panel in which stud...Read More