FALL 2012

december cover


Lessons of Leadership

Sol Trujillo became a leader the
old-fashioned way, by working hard, making mistakes and learning from them. He shares with LATINO
how he never forgot where he
came from.
By Ruben Navarrette, Jr.





Dreaming of America

Dreamers are undocumented young people brought to this country while children. Here we profile a group of them from Orange County.
Their stories will inspire you.
By Sarah Rafael García





A Sense of Community

Did you say Latinos in Atlanta?
They’re thriving, thanks to vibrant festivals and leaders who lend a
helping hand to those
less fortunate.
By Marisa Salcines





The Great Mexican
Food Fight

Put up your cukes, I mean dukes. When foodies like Rick Bayless and Gustavo Arellano fight about what real Mexican food is, things are bound to get nasty. And tasty.
By Katie Walsh



Power of


Energy companies like
ExxonMobil and Marathon
have a vested interest in education. Here is how they’re putting it into practice.
By Evelyn Castillo




Baroque on the Border

Artist Rigoberto Gonzalez
brings us the Rio Grande Valley
by way of Rembrandt.
His images of love and cruelty
are unforgettable.
By Alexandra Landeros





Tijuana lives

on the Edge

A thriving financial and industrial capital with a vibrant cultural life.
By Alicia Santistevan