FALL 2014


Jose Diaz-Balart is making news in two languages as an anchor for both Telemundo and MSNBC. But his first
love is education and through an
initiative called Aprender es Triunfar
he’s sharing it with young Latinos.
Plus, a look at the film Underwater Dreams, about a very special robot.

By Patricia Guadalupe

Two organizations for Latinos, the NAHJ and NAHP, couldn’t  be more alike, or more different. One represents journalists, and the other publishers, and they’re not speaking. But each needs the other to survive in today’s media shark tank.

By Valerie Menard

The surge of unaccompanied minors from Central America on the border has  strained our resources and upended the immigration debate. But this so-called crisis was years in the making. Why wasn’t action taken earlier? And who’s to blame, Democrats or Republicans?

By Ana Radelat

Among the most determined and well-funded opponents of immigration reform  in Washington, DC is  the Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR).  But there’s more here than meets the eye. It’s part of a web of organizations with links to John Tanton, a Michigan opthalmologist who has his own agenda.

By Patricia Guadalupe

Are banks still in the lending business? And why is is it so hard for Latino entrepreneurs to get a loan? We asked Maria
Contreras-Sweet, the new Administrator of the SBA, and Javier Palomarez, CEO of the USHCC. Their answers may surprise you.

By Ana Radelat

Our annual listing of companies like Lockheed Martin and ExxonMobil who support STEM.

They aren’t just walking the walk, they’re talking the talk with education and outreach to the Latino community.

By Eric Garcia


Julian Castro is following in his mentor Henry Cisneros’ footsteps by taking the helm of the Dept. of HUD.

By Ana Radelat

Olive oil is good for you, so a Latina in Texas decided to make her own.

By Alexandra Landeros

When Alex Nogales talks, people in Hollywood listen. Now he has a voice in Washington, DC as well.

By Bel Hernandez

Maria Hinojosa is all about the
numbers with her new company,
Futuro Media.

By Jessica Montoya Coggins


Cristina Henriquez hangs out in Delaware. Plus, rediscovering the stories of Machado de Assis.

By Roberto Ontiveros

Unexpected treats fom Ruben Blades and friends.

By Mark Holston

Chef is a delicious road trip with Cuban sandwiches. But Heli takes you to a place you want to avoid.

By Lidia Pires


Two Cubanas make art fun at their gallery in Miami’s trendy Wynwood neighborhood.

By John Coppola


Mickey Ibarra, Chris M. Mendoza.

Javier Palomarez.

Anne Alonzo.

Our listing of Latino events for 2014.

Ana and Eugenia Corrales.

Jorge Escobar and Brienne Pasick.

Felix Sánchez.

Sara Martinez Tucker.

Adolfo Pesqueira, Eric Garcia.

Nicole Quiroga.