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All In The Numbers

Fidel Vargas is a numbers guy
and he’s transformed the Hispanic Scholarship Fund since taking the helm early this year. Now he’s asking all Latinos to help by donating $8.33 a month. Plus, how to apply for a scholarship.

By Evelyn Castillo






Our Place in History

It will be a long road to a Latino
museum on the mall in Washington,
DC but a group of lawmakers,
lobbyists and celebrities are
working hard to make it happen.
Is it worth the effort?
By Ana Radelat





Best and Worst of 2013

As we prepare to welcome in the
new year, let’s not forget the old one just yet. 2013 was a study in contrasts, from
Marco Rubio to Ted Cruz, from Devious Maids to Machete Kills. Plus, our very own Cucaracha Awards for those who truly deserve them.





Rattle My Cage

Patricia Vonne has emerged
from the shadow of her big brother Robert Rodriguez with a hot new release called Rattle Your Cage. It’s sexy and provocative, combining castanets and Spanish
lyrics with rock and roll.
By Christy McBrayer




Welcome to Idea City

Austin is rapidly becoming the hip, wired capital of Latino America. Entrepreneurs are thriving thanks to groups like the Comadres and a resurgent Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
By Alexandra Landeros





Music is happiness in Havana.
A photographic visit to Cuba’s
capital reveals the rhythm of life
in the streets and clubs and
dance studios.
By Alicia Santistevan





The Fight to Save Juarez

An excerpt from Ricardo Ainslie’s
book The Fight to Save Juarez portrays a city under siege, and its citizens at war,
just across the border from El Paso.
Who are the winners and losers?
By Ricardo Ainslie