Did the president go far enough to stop deportations?

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Linda Crockett came to Texas to escape winter in New Jersey.

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Adrian Carrasquillo brings a Latino perspective to Buzzfeed.

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Luis Alberto Urrea is a Latino literary lion with his latest, The Water Museum.

By Roberto Ontiveros

Cuba is top of mind now, but its music always has been..

By Mark Holston

Great flicks from A Most Violent Year to A la Mala.

By Bel Hernandez


Wifredo Lam takes Atlanta by storm.

By John Coppola


Javier Palomarez and Cristina Antelo

David Cohen on Internet Essentials.

The path to higher education.

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Our listing of Latino events for 2015.

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Our diversity forum in New York.

The Peace Corps is your ticket to the world.

San Jose, Orlando, Los Angeles
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 All in the family in Inglewood.

Rick Noriega, Alma Crossley and  Nelson Diaz.



Check out our annual listing of the companies providing the most opportunities for Latinos. These are the companies that believe in giving back to our community, treating us as partners rather than just consumers. Do you agree with our selections?

Following his breakout role in Inside Llewyn Davis, Oscar Isaac is here, there, everywhere. From Shakespeare to Star Wars,  he’s the next Latino superstar of the silver screen.

By Bel  Hernandez

President Obama made history last year by announcing a thaw in the fifty year-old Cold War with Cuba. But since then, little seems to have been accomplished. Are both sides feeling effects of the morning after?

By Ana Radelat

The field of government relations is equal parts lobbying,  community relations, and advocacy. Here, we’ve profiled some movers and shakers in our nation’s capital, as well as some rising stars.

By Patricia Guadalupe

If you think you’ve seen a vineyard, think again. The family-owned Palmaz  Winery combines NASA with Napa,  the newest technology with old-fashioned Argentine hospitality. And the Cabernet Sauvignon isn’t bad, either!

By Lidia Pires

Jesse Jackson made waves in Silicon Valley, and hi-tech giants like Facebook and Google are scrambling to shed the white male corporate culture and hire a more diverse workforce. But are Latinos being left out of the conversation?

By  Adam Mendoza

To regain the White House, the GOP must win 40% of the Latino vote. Can it be done? Republican mariachis are courting our community, but it’s going to be a hard sell for hard-liners like Ted Cruz.

By Patricia Guadalupe

College acceptance letters are arriving in the mailbox and college application forms will soon be going out. From the University of Texas to Harvard, here are 25 colleges to consider.

By Valerie Menard